Bruno Walpoth’s Striking New Sculptures

By | Haziran 7, 2020

Bruno Walpoth’s Striking New Sculptures

#AmazingSculptures #FigurativeSculptures #ClaySculptures #CeramicSculptures

wood planks + branch scraps for a unique striking shelf

Pick striking tile for your shower walls!

Ah! I love this for you! Might be too “crochet inspired”, but this looks so comfortable and airy and flowing. Plus, the cut is really nice for a shorter waist. The lines are longer and the dress isn’t bulky at all. Hmmm.

It started with the city and ended far, far away. This collection has been driven by innovation. Architectural shapes inspired by the built environment developed into the uniform of a futuristic extra terrestrial. Hannah uses various levels of translucency and layering, focusing on sculpted yet smooth shapes complimented by voluminous, textural soft pieces, all drawn together by striking a form fitting base layer hood. Refreshing shades of peach and cool greys in unlikely technical fabrics ha…

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